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The strength and reputation of Brownstone Health & Fitness is based on its team approach with the exceptional professionals working together. Each practitioner knows his or her strengths and has no qualms referring inside our clinic, when indicated. We strive to allow each client to receive maximum, expert treatment in the fewest number of appointments. We understand our individual scopes of practice, and work ethically within them.

We pride ourselves on patient education. We will do our best to ensure that each person we have the opportunity to work with understands what we are trying to accomplish, and that he or she has the ability to direct treatment to his or her specific realistic goals.

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  • Counsellor's Corner: Self Care for Caring Professionals

    Sep, 11 2016

    Counsellor's Corner: “Self Care for Caring Professionals” Do you need to rejuvenate, recharge or keep the energy you have managed to accumulate over the summer? Summer is a time to connect with family, rejuvenate, take a holiday, sleep in, and relax. Balance tends to be easier in the s...

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  • Professional Path: chiropractic

    Aug, 25 2016

    Professional Path: Becoming a Chiropractor. There are countless reasons why I chose to dedicate the last four years to becoming a chiropractor. I have always wanted to have a career in the health profession - helping people has always been important to me and this path seemed to be the best fi...

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  • Good to Know: Graston Technique

    Aug, 12 2016

    Have you ever wondered what "Graston" treatment is? Or wondered if it may be right for you? Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, commonly known as "Graston", incorportates the use of stainless-steel instruments to aid the clinician in detection & treatment of soft tissue dysfunction. ...

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