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The strength and reputation of Brownstone Health & Fitness is based on its team approach with the exceptional professionals working together. Each practitioner knows his or her strengths and has no qualms referring inside our clinic, when indicated. We strive to allow each client to receive maximum, expert treatment in the fewest number of appointments. We understand our individual scopes of practice, and work ethically within them.

We pride ourselves on patient education. We will do our best to ensure that each person we have the opportunity to work with understands what we are trying to accomplish, and that he or she has the ability to direct treatment to his or her specific realistic goals.

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  • Counsellors Corner: Communication

    May, 26 2016

    Communication: Let’s work at improving it!!! “We humans are a social species and communication is the way to develop and maintain our relationships. We are constantly forming, sending, receiving and interpreting messages. Doing so skillfully and creatively is one of the major factors on...

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  • Good to know: Staying on Point!

    May, 10 2016

    STAYING ON POINT: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ACUPUNCTURE AND DRY NEEDLING? At Brownstone Health we offer many alternative treatment options for our patients, including Acupuncture and Dry Needling. We have summarized each of these techniques below to keep you well informed as a health car...

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  • Brownstone Health & Fitness is getting greener!

    Mar, 21 2016

    As nourishing as our allied health professions are for the body and mind, our environment often pays the price.  Healthcare generates a lot of waste- have you ever thought about our carbon footprint?  Between the resources used on paper, laundry, supplies & energy, to the chemicals ...

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