Catrina Wasyliw MPT, BScKin, CAFCI


Catrina joins the team at Brownstone Health with a Bachelor in Kinesiology from the University of Regina 2013 completing a Major in Adapted Movement Science.  She then obtained a Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Saskatchewan in 2016.  Her love of learning is evident, as she has been very busy working through the Canadian Orthopedic Post-Graduate Syllabus level system, obtaining her Acupuncture specialty through Acupuncture Canada, and taking courses in the Mulligan concept and from the McKenzie Institute with a focus on spinal health. 

With a background in classical and Ukrainian dance, Catrina enjoys problem solving movement related injury.  She then uses her skills to design excercise programs based on deficiencies and strengths she notes from each patient.  Her treatments focus on education and movement, with strong hands-on manual therapy skills which can be complimented with acupuncture treatments, when appropriate.  She says, "I strive to connect my hands-on therapy to my exercise prescription to provide a comprehensive treatment approach" for each person that she has the opportunity to work with. 

Outside the clinic, you might run into Catrina at various styles of recreational dance classes in the community, or studying with her 2 cats at her side.   One thing is certain, she is always looking to learn, and spends most of her holidays at continuing education courses!