Dear Saskatchewan, our numbers are up.  We are imploring you to help us stay healthy and keep our clinic open.

Complete your Covid-19 pre-screen ONLINE before you come into our facility.  Wear your MASK as all times.  

Currently, in clinic:

We ask you to be socially consciuouis and to wear a mask.

PHYSIOTHERAPY, MENTAL HEALTH, MASSAGE, EXERCISE THERAPY, TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE ACUPUNCTURE and CHIROPRACTIC appointments can be booked online, or call 306.779.1275 and our receptionist can help you schedule.  Our receptionists are very busy right now with Covid-19 pre-screening, so we apologize if we can't get to the phone, and do hope you try our online booking (  Two hours prior to your appointment, you will receive an email with a short questionnaire that must be filled out PRIOR TO COMING INTO THE FACILITY.  This helps us ensure you are feeling well through the government recommended screen for COVID-19, and help our receptionists stay efficient.  If you are unwell, you can NOT come into our facility.  Period.  Please choose a virtual option until you are healthy again. 


Virtual care offerings: 

Mental health services will continue virtual, or through the phone, as well as in person.  You can choose a counsellor and the option for an end-to-end encrypted video appointment, or have the practitioner call you.  Please ensure that your email and phone number are current. 

Exercise therapy and group fitness can be either through virtual sessions or in person. We are monitoring the Saskatchewan Government Orders closely.  Please see our seperate tab for more information (

Physiotherapy can also be provided through virtual video-based appointments.  This is a great option for pain management, exercise and movement analysis, home program updates, as well as self-care programming.  There is the ability to have your physiotherapy assessment done in person, and then the follow-ups can be completed either virtually or in person- your choice. 

*Be sure to select virtual care as your appointment type, as we have no way of knowing that you don't plan on coming into the clinic otherwise*


Here are the accommodations we have made: 


We will have a pre-programmed time after each in-person appointment. We are doing this to minimize patient waiting, minimize the number of people in the facility at any given time, decrease overlap of interaction at the reception desk, and allow adequate time for proper cleaning of the treatment area between patients.

Patients have always been scheduled on a one-to-one ratio.  We will work harder to ensure appointments finish on time. Treating more than one patient at the same time increases risk of cross-contamination, and we will NOT take this risk.  This was something we were rarely comfortable with pre-COVID, and we defintely are not willing to do this now.  If you were used to a longer acupuncture session after your manual therapy, please note that your treatment will now finish on time and can NOT be extended. 

If a patient shows up with extra people, anyone not receiving treatment will be advised to wait in their vehicle.  This is no different than one designated person going grocery shopping.  Please do NOT bring your family members to your appointments. 


Pre-Appointment Screen and Education 

You will continue to receive a COVID-19 Intake Questionnaie through our software two hours before your appointment. This MUST be filled out.

We will continue advising people to:


Coming into the Clinic


During Appointment Guidelines for any Practitioner in contact with patients


After Appointment


Staff Health Screening

Under no circumstance should anyone come to work if feeling unwell.  Please understand if you receive a last minute cancellation, or are shifted to another practitioner, as we will be taking absolutely no chances with anyone's health or mental well-being. 


Clinic Changes You Might Notice:

Reception area:

Increased cleaning:

Physio and Chiro:

Massage therapy:

Mental Health:

Gym usage: