Women's Health & Traditional Chinese Acupuncture



Traditional Acupuncture is very effective in helping women through various stages of life. In teen years, it can be used to ease menstrual pain and mood swings.  During pregnancy, it can be used to balance the body and induce labour naturally.  Post-partum, Traditional Acupuncture can be used to help get the body back to normal as quickly as possible.  It can also help with milk production and treating mastitis.  During menopause, it can help with hot flashes and depression.

Traditional Acupuncture's greatest help to women is preventative health.  

The sooner you treat menstrual issues and mental health concerns, the more graceful the aging process can be.  Treating women’s health through Traditional Acupuncture means looking at a women’s whole body health.  Expect to review your menstrual history, as well as physical and mental health history, in order to get a complete picture of your life.  Our goal is to work to balance what is not working for you.

Most extended health care benefits cover acupuncture from a registered Acupuncturist.  Our Acupuncturist is regulated under the CAA and PTCMAS- please be sure to check your benefit requirements with your health insurance provider BEFORE your appointment.