Stephan Bouwer

Stephan Bouwer, MTh (Counselling), CPCA

Stephan is a counsellor with over 30 years of experience. He was trained in counselling psychology through the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Stephan's training and experience was established from a variety of settings. He was involved as a counsellor in Pastoral and Congregational settings, in the military, and in hospital environments. He has worked with clients on challenges related to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, self esteem, grief and recovering from past abuse.

He is a certified Cyber counsellor through the university of Toronto, ON, using private email, chat, Facetime or Skype to assist clients- even outside of Saskatchewan. Stephan is in Stephan is well experienced in working with couples who struggle with unresolved issues and conflict in their relationship. He makes use of EFT, CBT, Attachment, REBT, Neuro-centered and Relationship focused therapy approaches. He also focuses on Family system therapy, and does conflict management interventions.

When asked what makes Stephan unique as a professional, he answered, "I do respect a clients values. My post graduate training in psychology, philosophy and theology, enables me to practice therapy from a variety of world view perspectives. Are you a non-believer/ another faith background? My philosophical background enables me to respect your values, which I will use to help you resolve issues. Are your values based in Christian faith? I am well experienced to provide therapy, based on those values."

His professional aspiration is to have two or more people COME TOGETHER in therapy, ACHIEVE a NEGOTIATED GOAL, .... to ENHANCE the WELFARE of the client.

Stephan writes, "I aims for, and facilitate,... "connection"...the "coming together" with a client in a therapeutic alliance, or the coming together of the client with him/herself, or with a partner, family member or co-worker. I aim at negotiating a goal with the client ... something, somewhere, sometime, some-one ... to pro-actively focus on, to pursue and to attain. The "how to ..." has different seasons. For some, finding the how, the way... starts with waiting, slowing down, quiet-down, rest, feel, finding the internal voice and then listen. Others have a burning fire of frustration in the belly, to escape from, get unstuck, "to do something about it" - but they are out of ideas or have failed so many times that they lost their hope and confidence. They need someone to help them change their approach ... to think, feel and try something different!

If I can fulfill the above, to see and experience how the welfare of a client blossoms like a flower, my aspirations... are fulfilled as well."

We are fortunate to have Stephan part of our team.