Sport Physician

We are thrilled to have the privilege to work alongside a physician that has completed a Fellowship of Sport & Exercise Medicine. 

What does this mean?  It means that after medical school, the doctor did years of training and completed testing in Sports Medicine to have an advanced skill set, thus a specialization in Sport Medicine.  There are very few Sport Doctors in Saskatchewan, and we are so fortunate to work with one!

How do I get an appointment?  Your family physician can send a referral for your concern to our clinic.  The referral should contain the Mechanism of Injury (how did you get hurt), immediate care provided, and current treatment that you are receiving.  Once we receive your referral from your family physician, we will contact you with a list of possible appointment times.  If you have questions, call us at 306.779.1275, as this service is NOT availalble for online booking.  Current musculoskeletal clients of Brownstone Health can have their practitioner refer directly to our Sport Doc. 

What does this doctor do?  This Sport Doctor has extra training in examining sport injuries.  He has extra training with orthopedic conditions, and has the ability to refer for MRI, ultrasound and CT imaging.  He can do joint injections, if required, right in our clinic, and can communicate with other specialists (orthopedic, etc), as needed.  Once he has assessed you, he will send a report to your family doctor with a plan.