Madison Kelln, B.Kin, CJEP-CEP


Madison is our wonderful kinesiologist.  That means she works in the gym helping people get more fit, but has a 4 year university degree studying human movement, as well as successfully passing her training and exams to be considered a Certified Exercise Physiologist!  That is a lot of education, which is why we call her a kinesiologist instead of a personal trainer :-)

Madison enjoys working with people that are rehabilitating an injury, but also with people that are interested in preventing an injury.  She helps people stay fit as part of their chronic disease management, and has a special interest in people with neurological disease or injury. 

When asked what makes her unique as a fitness professional, she says, "I have a love for learning, finding new ways to challenge my clients, and get them moving". 

You may see Madison out for a walk with her puppy Koda, but she also enjoys painting and reading.