A Decade.

Ten years. A decade. 

Some days it felt as though we would never get here, and some days it feels as though this has been lifetimes in creation.

Brownstone Health was a dream. An aspiration. The dedication of a career, and a lifestyle, and a plethora of goals and sacrifices, and millions of details- which somehow morphed into a vision, eventually forming a reality that has far exceeded expectations.

From the early months of desperately hanging on, holding the pieces together with all that I had- to the months that it held me together, through it all.

Reflectively, I wouldn’t trade a moment.

Growing from a sole person diving in head first, compared to what we are today, Brownstone Health has evolved into something of its own. It has its own own rhythm, and it has its own heart.

Brownstone Health isn’t me. It’s pieces of my family. It’s bits of my friends and ideas of my loved ones. It is the influences of my colleagues- of those that willingly worked alongside me in the evolving and creating that never seems to end. It is the cumulation and ever-changing result of a lot of sweat and tears. It’s the collaboration of amazing practitioners and staff with dynamic personalities that intersected with the fabulous people at just the right moments.

It’s each and every person that trusted us enough to allow us to be part of their journey in health. It is sports teams, influential & wise coaches, university classes, a circus, and accidental meetings rolled into one.

It’s trauma survivors, chronic disease warriors, new anatomic joints, weariness from life lessons, and learning to thrive during life’s unexpected twists that have combined in such a glorious way to create a safe and welcoming space.

It’s the third-generation of Canadian Prairie entrepreneur.

Some days, it’s beautiful chaos. Other days, it’s peaceful tranquility. Most days, it’s whatever it wants to be.

I am so very grateful for every person that has stepped through these doors. Every problem faced. Every challenge solved. Every mistake that we’ve learned from. Every reason to do better and try harder.

If the past 10 years are any indication of what the next will be, all i can predict is adventure.

We will grow. We will learn. We will get stronger. We will be better.

If you have read this, you understand. Thank you for being a part of us.

Daysha Shuya
Clinical director
Brownstone Health