If you call the clinic, or walk through the doors, there is a good chance you will be greeted by Janelle.  She is an integral member of our team, but her interests lie in the great wide world! She likes to read a lot or listen to current events, history, popular science, health and the natural world.

Janelle is actively involved with Regina Cycle Club, strength training and crossfit.  She loves reading- book club is a big part of her life.  You may find her camping and exploring nature with her trusty binoculars.  She has an extensive collection of vinyl records and can be found at a wide variety of live music events. But she would be the first to admit that she, "Cant play or sing a note myself."
We embrace Janelle for her propensity for sparkly or otherwise unique eyewear, high energy, and enthusiastic (if inexpert) dancing. 
Janelle's personal aspiration:
To serve my community as an employee and volunteer wherever I can.