Thanks for checking in on this page. 

With the recent surge in numbers in Regina, we have made a few more changes:

We are answering phones off site.  If you get our voicemail, I know it is inconvenient, but please please please leave a message. We are minimizing the people working at the front desk, so our accounting, management, and data processing are all being done offsite, as well as answering phones.

To minimize the number of people our front desk staff come in contact with, please do your COVID-19 prescreen online, before coming into the facility.  We have added the option to pay online, and we would appreciate if you were able to do that.  If not, please use a debit or credit card that allows for the tap function.  Your receipt will be emailed. 

Our client PPE process includes wearing masks the entire time inside the clinic. (For physio, please use a disposable procedural mask due to College insistance. If you don't have one, your physio will give you one). Your screen will be confirmed, temperature recorded (it is safe, please see our facebook page for information from the SHA), and you will need to wash your hands.  If possible, come alone to treatment so we can ensure we stay beneath our limits.  There is directional traffic flow, follow the arrows!  We have also marked out 6 feet distances with stickers on the floor, incase you need to wait.  Ideally, you arrive 2 minutes prior to appointment starting, and your practitioner is on time :-)

For those of you that are not comfortable with our requirements, that is ok- we are keeping our Virtual Health appointments available for Mental Health, Physiotherapy and Exercise Therapy. 

I know this is a lot.  I can imagine you are getting frustrated, and to be honest, so are we- we all want life to go back to pre-pandemic.  But the only way through this is together, and we have no choice but to follow government law and regulatory body requirements. 

Thank-you for complying with all of our Pandemic Protocols and helping us stay open to take care of you.  



Daysha Shuya 

Clinical Director