Counsellor's Corner: Communication

Communication: Let’s work at improving it!!!

“We humans are a social species and communication is the way to develop and maintain our relationships. We are constantly forming, sending, receiving and interpreting messages. Doing so skillfully and creatively is one of the major factors on living a happy and successful life” (Arbuthnott, 2003).

How aware are you about how YOU communicate? Have you ever had a conversation with someone and later discovered that they have a totally different perspective then you. This can be explained by how we communicate: 57% Of our communication is Body Language 34% Is our tone of voice 9% Of our overall communication is the actual words we use!!!

Today, make a point of being aware of how you communicate with others!!! Have a great day and we hope that all your interactions with others are life giving and relationship strengthening.

Colleen Kane, MSW, RSW, Clinical Fellow of AAFMT