Proprioceptive Taping

K-Taping® supports an extraordinary wide spectrum of treatment forms and is an effective tool as an adjuct to your treatment. Neither medication nor active ingredients are added to the tape. The desired effects are solely obtained using the correctly applied taping technique in combination with high quality product. K-Taping® is based on the years of work, research and studies carried out by the K-Taping® Academy located in Germany.

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If your practitioner has chosen to apply K-Tape as part of your treatment session, here are some things to keep in mind. Duration of wear: K-Tape, if taken care of, can be worn for up to one week. Care of application: It is ok to shower or bath with the tape. Be sure to pat the tape dry, and not rub. Do NOT, under any circumstance, use a hairdryer to dry the tape. If the application is on your shoulder or trunk, sleeping in a t-shirt is advised. If it is on your ankle, be certain to wear socks to bed. Home Exercise Program: K-Tape is not a substitute for your custom designed home program- it is a useful technique to help you through! Be sure to keep up with your exercises and activity modifications as per practitioner guidelines. K-Tape product: Is cotton with acrylic adhesive. There have been no known allergic reactions, but nervous system sensitivities can occur. If you notice severe redness or itching under the product, please remove the tape immediately. Removal: Very easy when wet! Soak the tape application in the bath tub, and it should roll off easily, leaving your skin in tact.