Ashley Fichter

Dr. Ashley Fichter BKin, DC

Dr. Ashley has recently moved home to Regina, after spending several years in Toronto. We are sure excited to have her part of our team! While Dr. Ashley has excellent traditional chiropractic manipulation techniques, she is also able to include acupuncture, use the Activator & Activator protocol, as well as utilize Graston-style soft-tissue techniques as part of your care. Add that to an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, a great eye for movement pattern dysfunctions & correction and you will be in great hands!

Dr. Ashley has a strong sense of community. She has an elite background in baton, cheerleading, and dance. She is a volunteer cheerleading coach, and can often be seen helping at games and competitions. Her kindness, empathy, & genuine caring, combined with quick wit, will make Dr. Ashley a valuable part of your health-care team.