Week 2 Summary- Canada Winter Games

#TeamSask Trampoline | Week Two Mission Staff Recap 

"Wow! What an amazing week for Trampoline Gymnastics. While the two athletes, Hannah and Ashley, along with their coach Samantha, may have been the smallest team that competed for Saskatchewan, they received some of the biggest accolades by winning a GOLD medal in synchronized trampoline gymnastics.

To make this story better, this is Coach Samantha’s first time coaching at Canada Games.

And, to make this story even more interesting, due to the selection process for the 2019 Canada Winter Games - Red Deer, this week was the first time that these two amazing ladies competed together! Yes, you read that correctly, before last week, they had never competed in synchro together!

Ashley is from Saskatoon. Hannah is from Regina. They each live and train in their respective cities. On January 12, 2019, they ranked with the first and second highest scores in trampoline gymnastics in Saskatchewan. That made them Team Saskatchewan. The first time this team competed together was here, at the Canada Games. And the result was……. a GOLD medal. They are the best in the country.

Way to go, ladies!

As their proud Mission Staff, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Coach Sam provide encouragement, instruction, enthusiasm and support throughout the week. It was very interesting watching Hannah & Ashley work together, communicate, and build their performance, peaking at the perfect time to deliver a stunning routine, when it mattered the most. It was my absolute pleasure to be a part of."

- Daysha Shuya, Mission Staff


Photos: Jody Bailey, Scott Grant

Full results | https://bit.ly/2STsGLj
High-res photos | https://bit.ly/2H5PIwg