Sometimes, when sick, it is hard to tell whether or not an appointment should be kept or cancelled.

Here is a brief, non-inclusive, list of conditions that we require you to stay home and get better before attending our facility in person:

pink eye

chicken pox

flu-like symptoms

blister-phase of shingles


head lice




If you have athlete's foot or plantar's warts, please keep your shoes on. 

We do use hospital grade disinfectant on all of our surfaces between clients.  We have minimal fabric in the clinic to help us keep things clean.  If our practitioners pick up something contageous, they are not allowed to come into work.  The clinic does not want to risk other people becoming ill.  If you have another condition that is highly contageous and is not appropriate to be in public or at work, it is not appropriate to come into our facility, either. 

Please respect this policy. 

For most professions, virtual care is available!