Effective July 11, 2021


Congratulations, Saskatchewan!  We are getting there :-)

To everyone that got vaccinated, thank-you so very much for thinking of the children and vulernable communities.  For those that can not receive the vaccine, the thoughtfulness and community-minded decisions of the majority of our population who rolled up their sleeves is appreciated on the deepest levels. 

Brownstone Health has several different regulated (licensed) health care professions working out of the clinic.  Each of these professions has different requirements with regards to Step 3 protocols.  The clinic itself does not have the power to make decisions.  We have to follow the direction of the regulatory bodies to ensure our professionals keep their licenses in good standing- thus the ability for you to have your insurance recognize their credentials.

For Step 3, beginning July 11, 2021, Brownstone Health will comply with the regulatory body requirements and:

Our clinic will continue electrostatically misting twice daily.  We also invested significantly in re-routing and improving our ventilation system during the lockdown of 2020.  

With regards to masking, we have immunocompromized staff working as part of our healthcare team.  We will provide the safest working conditions possible to enable them to continue to treat their patients.  This is why we respectfully request that you continue masking.