Midlife Women's Clinic

What is the Brownstone Midlife Women's Clinic?

Launching in 2020, the Midlife Women's Clinic is a new intitiative aimed at connecting women with curated expertise during the next chapter of life.  Our Nurse Practitioner has been trained through the North American Menopause Society, and has an American National Certification in Women's Health.  Our Nurse Practitioner is our gateway into the clinic.  She provides a customized one-on-one initial consultation.  You can then choose the length of follow-up appointment that you feel appropriate to your concern.  Each circumstance is unique and our Nurse Practitioner has full prescriptive privileges.  She has the ability to refer as necessary, order lab tests or imaging, and complete procedures such as IUD insertion or endometrial biopsy. 

We have a Counsellor that has persued the designation of Sex Therapist from the University of Guelph, a Social Worker and Psychologist that are both interseted in midlife women's transitions.  We have a Physiotherapist that has an American post-graduate Doctorate in Pelvic Health, as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with significant experience in hormonal and nervous system balancing providing Acupuncture, Cupping and Yoga Therapy.  Our Kinesiologist has substantial experience in Women's Health and runs a program for Breast Cancer Survivors.

We offer individualized health & symptom assessment.  Our team partners with you to plan interventions with the goal of maximizing your well-being during this transition and beyond.  Detailed forms will be emailed to you and must be completed prior to initial assessment in order to maximize your appointment time.

This is a private health care facility, none of the services or treatments are covered by Saskatchewan Health.  All appointments are fee for service.  


What is Menopause?

Menopause is the stage in life when you stop having your monthly period.  It’s a normal part of aging and marks the end of your reproductive years.  Menopause usually occurs in your late 40’s to early 50’s and women typically spend about ⅓ of their life post-menopausally.  However, women who have their ovaries surgically removed or have certain types of treatments (such as cancer treatments) may experience a sudden menopause.  Occasionally, some women will undergo menopause at a much younger age and will have unique circumstances and health risks that need to be addressed.


What is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause is the stage of life that typically lasts for 4 -10 years before your final menstrual period and is often accompanied by many health changes related to declining hormone production from the ovaries.   

These stages are often associated with many symptoms including irregular periods, hot flushes, mood changes, struggles with weight gain, sleep disruptions, sexual changes, and skin changes.  This is a prime opportunity to address behavioural and lifestyle changes that can help to relieve these symptoms and set the stage for healthy aging in the years to come.