Professional Path: physio student



My name is Kelsey and I am a second year Physical Therapy student at the University of Saskatchewan. Physical Therapy is a unique profession in that the opportunities post-graduation are endless. There is an environment and pathway within the profession that fits everyone’s interests and strengths.  From working with patients across the lifespan to working in hospitals, private clinics and sports teams, the diversity across the profession is extensive. Throughout our degree we have the opportunity to experience each of these unique environments and populations while applying the practical knowledge we have gained through our education. 


As part of my education I had the opportunity to spend a 6-week clinical placement at Brownstone Health in Regina, Saskatchewan. This experience has been nothing but rewarding. The environment at Brownstone Health is welcoming toward everyone from the moment you walk in the door. They have a large multi-disciplinary team made up of many different working professions, allowing for referrals when indicated. Everyone at Brownstone Health prides themselves on education. This includes both patient education and seeking out continuing education opportunities.  It is assuring that each member of the team is continually learning how to better help their clients reach their own functional goals. During my time at Brownstone Health, I had the opportunity to work with many of the physical therapists and learn new assessment and treatment skills that were suited to me. They were all so welcoming and helped me apply my knowledge in a practical setting while working with clients across the lifespan.