As primary health care professionals, physiotherapists combine in-depth knowledge of how the body works with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability. With your independence in mind, a physiotherapist's goal is to restore, maintain and maximize your strength, function, movement and overall well-being. Physiotherapists prescribe personalized therapeutic exercises, and provide essential education about the body, what keeps it from moving well, how to restore mobility and independence, and how to avoid or prevent bodily harm.

Physiotherapy is a practice of medicine in which physiotherapists work with a diverse client base of all ages with a wide variety of health conditions. Assessing their different needs related to mobility, physical function and movement is all part of physiotherapy and its goal to help others with injuries or conditions to live a more comfortable lifestyle. Several physical tests and measures are taken, and with strong clinical reasoning the physiotherapist will provide the client with a detailed diagnosis. In order to properly treat the diagnosis, physiotherapy works to plan treatments that are consistent with the patient’s goals and health conditions. All techniques used are critiqued by our experts and are supported with evidence. Physiotherapy has a variety of treatment methods focusing on rehabilitation, pain management and chronic conditions which are treated accordingly.

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Sport Physio

A Sport Physiotherapist plans, organizes the directs programmes of pre-season screening, first aid, rehabilitation, education and counseling for athletes, coaches and others concerned with sports. The Sport Physio may work directly with athletes or may undertake a consulting role for sports organizations. At Brownstone Health, we have one of the three credentialed Sport Physios in the southern half of Saskatchewan.

We are WCB and SGI accredited.