Daysha Shuya

Daysha Shuya, Sivananda Yoga Instructor, Sport Physio

In 2006, Daysha moved to a Sivananda Yoga Ashram and began an incredible journey of discovery. With the intent of 'just learning to teach a class', she quickly realized that Yoga is so very much more than a modified workout. Yoga, meaning union, is a way of life that has been practiced for centuries. Sivananda Yoga was the first Yoga to come to North America. It retains the traditional, devotional and spiritual intent in practice. The knowledge that was introduced at the Ashram spurred Daysha to change her MScKin topic from concussion studies to the Mind-Body connection. She studied the importance of balancing physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life for her Master's research. While formal yoga classes are not currently available, Daysha is happy to modify your physical therapy exercise program with individual Asanas into a custom Yoga class for practitioners. Personal sessions can also be scheduled, depending on timing.