Traditional Acupuncture after a car accident



Car accidents can be traumatic, no matter how severe of damage or injury caused.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture can help reset your nervous system.  Following the traditional theory of treating mental well being, along with physical injury, can help you recovery.  

There are specific acupuncture points used to treat the fear, shock and worry that may result from a car accident.  It’s not uncommon for people to have lingering fear of driving again after an accident.  It can also take a few days post-accident for shock to set in.  People often have thoughts of  “how bad it could have been”. 

Whiplash is one of the most common problems following a car accident.  If neck and shoulder muscles are too tight for dry needling, then distal points can be used by the acupuncturist.  Other modalities, like fascia work and cupping, can be incorporated into your care plan.  Along with treating muscles, one of the keys to whiplash recovery is treating the fear and shock with traditional meridian style acupuncture.

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist is registered with SGI.  Once you have approval from your adjuster, you may be eligible for covered treatments.