Women's Rehab

Slower paced class that focuses on pre/post-surgery strengthen and correct alignment in the body with bands, light weight & body weight exercises.
Great for women's cancers, lymphedema, shoulder injuries, MS, Parkinsons, and chronic conditions. Perfect for people in active cancer treatment or recovering from treatment.

Get strong! Friends and Family are welcome.

Before starting group classes a private  Exercise Therapy assessment is required. We cover general medical history and a movement assessment. This aids in you having safe and more personalized service in the group setting. You also received a personalized home program for days you cannot be at class. This home program will help with your recovery as we all have a few personalized exercises we need to do daily that make not be covered in the group setting, in every session.

If you are in active treatment or on medial leave email us for special rates at billing@brownstonehealth.ca