Yoga means Union. At Brownstone Health, we recognize the importance of a connection between the Mind and the Body. We’ve been grounded in Yogic beliefs since 2006, and possess the skill sets and education necessary to incorporate these beliefs in your well-being.

You are invited to come and share with us as we journey through the practice, free our mind and our body. Here, we are safe. Here, we do not judge. Here, we just ARE! Using the lines of awareness to move through asana, create proper alignment, stacking of the body and connection to the breath, each sequence is designed to cultivate energy, find balance and assist you to surrender to the process. Yoga cannot be forced, it must be felt, it must be understood, it must be lived. Through personal experiences, we grow, heal, learn and continue to develop.

Every moment is an opportunity for us to nurture the soul.

Yoga is repetitious, it is through dedication and practice we are able to move forward in practice.

Whatever it is that brings a person to the yoga is not necessarily what they will leave with.

Celebrating the yoga, our philosophy includes the four guiding principles of the practice; the body, the breath (pranayama), the mind and the stillness. Yoga will help you heal your physical body of trauma, pain and discomfort, it will aid you in the release of emotional blockages, increase strength, health, wellness and deepen your connection to self… whatever you seek…

yoga can be the driving force behind how you can let go and enjoy living.

You have the power within yourself to change, to live, all you need to do is start.

Yoga Offerings:

Sattva Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Yin Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Aroma Yoga (including essential oils applied topically, aromatically and through ingesting)

Mindful Yoga

Flow Yoga

Current Classes:



Tuesday, Jan.15- Feb. 19/2019

Cost: $60.00/6 weeks

Facilitator: Nikki Neu


@ 6:30-7:30 PM

Tuesday, Jan. 15 – Feb.19/2019

Cost: $80/6 weeks

Facilitator: Tameko Kezama


@ 6:30-7:30PM

Thursday Jan.17th-Feb.21/2019

Cost: $80.00/6 weeks

Facilitator: Nikki Neu