Soapstone Cook & Serve Ware


Soapstone is a beautiful bluish gray rock with small veins that give it character. In its softest, purest form, soapstone is talc. The stone is mined in Brazil, and then cut by craftsmen to the shape of the cooking utensil.

Soapstone pots & pans are individually hand carved from solid stone nuggets by artisans. Our pots and pans are substantial cookware with unique virtues in the kitchen.

Soapstone cookware is high end and versatile. Just a little softer than granite, soapstone (steatite) cookware is durable and beautiful.It is for those who want something a bit different than the ordinary.



Soapstone is desirable for its practicality as well as its elegance and its surprising cost effectiveness. Soapstone has natural properties of heat conduction and retention (twice the heat storage of any metal), making it a versatile economic cookware. It’s completely nonporous, which means it won’t stain and is bacteria resistant.

Chemically inert, our stone pots do not change the flavour of food, and cook with remarkable evenness; there are no hot spots in a soapstone pot. Soapstone retains heat. When you fry in stoneware meats brown up better than in any other sort of metal.

Soapstone cook and serve ware is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor cooking. Once cured, the stone shows no wear from grill flames or smoke and have a natural, non-stick surface.

A great alternative for those who don't want to cook with metals - and it never rusts!



• Even heat distribution

• Able to quickly heat

• Retains heat or cold for hours

• Resistant to temperatures of 1,000°C


Soapstone Cookware

• Bacteria resistant

• Naturally non stick

• Will not absorb odours or flavours

• Oven and stove top safe for all foods

• Durable

• Great for low fat cooking

• Can be used for serving

• Ages to a beautiful black luster



Excellent for stews, slow cooking, and fondues. Good for frying. Griddles are great for hot hors d'oeuvres, broiled fish, pizza, tabletop cooking of bite size foods, etc... All pieces are beautiful enough to bring to the table



Generally, rinsing with a sponge and hot water is sufficient to clean soapstone. You will usually only need to use detergent when frying or sautéing some foods.