Riley Mason, MPT, BScKin

Riley Mason obtained a BScKin in April 2015, and then completed his Masters of Physical Therapy in October 2018, both from the University of Saskatchewan. 

Since then, he's been busy.  He was working in Sport Physiotherapy in Alberta when he completed the Bernard Tonks Introductory Vestibular Rehabilitation course, and has two more post-grad specialty vestibular courses lined up.  Sport physio and vestibular rehabilitation are his two areas of interest.  Riley has taken is Sport First Responder, and you will see him on the sidelines of various sporting events around Regina.  

When he isn't working, studying, or taking advanced courses, you may see him hiking, biking, olympic weightlifting, reading, playing slopitch, spike ball, soccer, golf, volleyball or any other sport.  He really values spending time with his family and friends.  

"Growing up, I was known for my desire to learn. I wanted to know everything about everything, especially when it came to sciences. That same wish to absorb information was transferred into my career once I realized my passion for movement and the human body. I approach each and every problem with the fullest intent to solve and I continue searching for the answer when others stop."

Professional aspiration: To continually learn and challenge himself to be the best therapist, colleague, and friend he can be.