Terry Fehr, B.A., M.Ed. (R.Psych)

M.Ed. From University of Regina, 1994

Terry completed her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology in 1994 at the University of Regina. She has extensive experience as an educator, a psychologist and an administrator. Over the past 25 years, she has provided service to individuals, couples, groups and families, both as a private practitioner and within an institutional context. Her experience with the Correctional Service of Canada has given her unique insight into the social and political context within which mental health challenges occur in the community, and the long-term, adverse  effects of trauma on the individual and consequently on our culture.

Terry’s practise of psychology is informed by a broad spectrum of theoretical and strategic treatment modalities, including Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Integrated Somatic Psychology and Polyvagal Theory. She has completed her first year of Somatic Experiencing training and plans to become a certified SE practitioner by the end of 2021.

Over the years, Terry has worked with clients from a all aspects of society. At this point in her career, she is particularly interested in serving first responders and front line workers in the areas of Education, Health, Justice, Law Enforcement and Corrections.

Terry is optimistic and approachable. She engages easily with clients and has an affable, authentic manner. She is spiritually grounded and a firm believer in the profound importance of love-in-action and the healing power of humour. In her leisure time, Terry loves to play guitar and sing, jamming and performing at any opportunity. It is her intention to serve her community until she retires… sometime around noon on the day of her funeral.