Jenna Rennebohm

My journey with BodyTalk began in May 2013. I had been experiencing unexplained digestive problems for a few months. All medical testing – blood tests, scopes, and ultrasounds; came back without a physiological cause for the symptoms. My option was to continue to take medication without an explanation for the medication. That wasn't an option I felt comfortable with. BodyTalk found me or I found BodyTalk through a good friend. She had sought help for her health with BodyTalk, had amazing results and became a practitioner. I began having sessions with her mostly out of curiosity. Within a few months of having regular sessions I was able to stop all medications prescribed for my digestive problems. BodyTalk has transformed my life in many ways. It not only has helped with the acute symptoms that brought me to BodyTalk but has helped me with emotions, self-esteem, thyroid imbalances, anxiety, depression, food intolerances, frequent throat infections, and colds, eczema, and sinus infections just to name a few.

My passion for BodyTalk grew and grew and I began the process of becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in February 2016, and became certified in September 2016. I continue to learn and grow as a practitioner through attending advanced module classes. Each class not only adds more depth to my practice but also to myself as a person.

I am a mother of two boys, married, and I enjoy creating as an intuitive artist. Some of my favourite pieces of art have been created during or after receiving distance BodyTalk sessions.