Shey and Jayden are the smiling faces that you will see when you walk through the clinic doors.  They rotate between early morning opening shifts and evening close shifts each week.

Shey is a part-time university student, hoping to get into nursing.  Her cheerful demeanour is appreciated behind our desk and on the phones. Shey loves being around people.  It is really where she finds the most self development and fulfillment.  Outside of the clinic, she enjoys being in the outdoors.   Shey believes that "nature and the world is one of the most stunning gifts we are blessed with in this life time. But I also like my personal time, where I get to nap and enjoy some quality time with Coco puff", her pet.  One of her unique qualities is the ability to see the beauty even in the midst of all the bad, a skill her mom has implemented on her throughout her my life.