Dr. Tricia Miller

Registered Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist

Tricia is a Registered Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist who studied at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton.  She is also a certified Iyengar yoga teacher.

Tricia passionately believe in what acupuncture can do for people from all walks of life.  Not only does it have the power to reduce our aches, pains and all other symptoms we have on the surface of our bodies but it also has the ability to balance what is happening on the inside of our bodies and mind.

Through years of yoga practice and acupuncture treatments, Tricia works with the philosophy that she can help solve the root of the issue of why certain ailments keep happening to us.

When she isn’t helping patients in clinic and teaching yoga she is busy being a hockey mom. 

From Tricia:
_"I love doing post-surgery treatments to speed the healing process as well as scar needling to help reduce scar tissue and visibility. I love treating pregnant women to help with pregnancy pains as well as reduce stress, prepare for labour & induce labour. Stress, anxiety and depression are the most common things I treat.  I enjoy doing those treatments because it's so helpful in getting people to actually fully relax and slow the sympathetic nervous system right down. Chinese Medicine is very effective at regulating emotions and helping over come traumas like concussions and PTSD."_